Katie O’Ryan Vickery: Glass Slipper Rental was exactly what I wanted in every way! The reason I chose to rent the flowers for my wedding was very simple: price. Leslie and Jeanne gave my a quote that was less than half of the least expensive florist I can find. BUT that is not what was best about working with them. They were! I had fallen in love with a specific type of flower that is not available naturally this time of year, and the only thing I could give them to describe what I wanted was "whites and blues." And these ladies dazzled me! When I described what I wanted, they made it come to life, and made suggestions that would never have occurred to me, like having my bouquet have more blue than the bridesmaids' to contrast with my dress.
Jeanne and Leslie made the whole process flawless. They kept me up to date through out the entire process, sending pictures and making sure everything was how I wanted it. Even when, 4 days before the wedding, I realized the vases I had counted on the venue having weren't available, they said "No problem!" and got me the vases I needed. They also delivered and took away the flowers, which were beautiful and photographed wonderfully. And I never had to worry about them wilting!
You should absolutely consider working with these ladies for whatever event you have coming up.