Amber Lynn Riley: I found out about Glass Slipper Rentals from a site I was in called Brides on a Budget. One thing I did not want to do having a wedding was to buy a bunch of stuff to be stuck with it or to have to sell it so hearing about Glass Slipper Rentals was a huge relief! I was so excited to go see all their stuff & when I did I was even more excited with all their wonderful & cute stuff they had! We ended up loading 2 truck loads full of beautiful wedding decor. I highly recommend renting from Leslie & Jeanne! They are wonderful gals & I couldn't be more happier than giving them my business. My wedding was absolutely beautiful because of these 2 ladies decor & I can't wait to get my photographs back to show just how beautiful their merchandise made my special day so nice! Thank u girls so much for doing what u do I am just so thankful �